Insta.Printa The live instagram Printer

Insta.Printa & Insta.Wall are a set of fun and powerful marketing tools designed to empower your events socially and develop your Instagram presence.

InstaPrinta Usage Steps
Take a photo with Instagram Tag the photo with event hashtag Insta.Printa prints. You collect Insta.Wall dipslays your photo displays event photo gallery  

An engaging, memorable, personal and cost effective marketing
tool that can help you extend the reach of your events and
increase your Instagram presence.

We also provide full analytics letting you see the extra audience
you have reached. E.g. A recent event extended the audience of the
event 1600 times. Equating to an event everyday for the next 4 years.
While another event added an additional 200 followers to the clients
Instagram account in only 2 hours.

Insta.Printa is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore, and is available for events worldwide. Contact us today to see how Insta.Printa can work for you.

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